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It has been brought to my attention by my staff of legal experts that the linking one or more repeaters may very well be against the rules and regulation of FCC.

Particularly the very description of what GMRS is per the description as outlined by FCC, to witt:

"ยง95.1 The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS).

(a) The GMRS is a land mobile radio service available to persons for short-distance two-way communications to facilitate the activities of licensees and their immediate family members. Each licensee manages a system consisting of one or more stations."

Within the first line the words "for short-distance two-way communications" is where the legal team has issues with.

Per their understanding and opinion "short distance communications" does not include communicating over a distance of more than one repeater, base station, or control station provides.

In other words, one repeater generally provides a good communicating distance of an average 75 land mile radius. It is their belief that FCC intended the communicating distance for a licensee to be no more than this....
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FCC GMRS License Information...
License First...
If you plan on the purchase of and use of (by means of transmitting on) GMRS Frequencies and plan to use it within the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that you first register for and obtain a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license. Transmitting on any of the licensed GMRS repeater pairs without first obtaining an approved FCC lices is a violation of the FCC rules.

Why an FCC license?...
In the United States, the FCC regulates the frequencies that are used by devices like two way radios. The FCC requires that anyone operating a device on the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) obtain a license prior to use.

How can I apply for a General Mobile radio Service (GMRS) FCC license?...
A GMRS license requires that you must first obtain a Universal License Number on FCC Universal Licensing System. You can apply for a Universal License Number and a GMRS license on-line at the FCC Universal License System (ULS) web site.

Eligibility information may be obtained on FCC Website on-line at the FCC License System (ULS) web site.

FCC GMRS Band Plan Information...
FCC GMRS Band Plan Information may be obtained on FCC Website on-line at the FCC License System (ULS) web site.

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